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Bare Foot

The foot is the conduit that interfaces with the ground and sets the platform for the body to react.

So by constantly wearing shoes and orthotics we inhibit our natural movement patterns and subsequently make our foot and leg muscles weaker which can then predispose us to injuries.

Spending time barefoot is the most effective way to prevent foot problems (with the exception being Diabetics and other foot conditions that may require braces and devices to realign the foot )
Research on those who go with out shoes shows that their feet are actually healthier than those who constantly wear them.

The bottom of our feet ( plantar surface ) provides a sensory feed back to our central nervous system and brain, allowing us to balance and feel the ground beneath us.

Here at Fit Feet we like to encourage Strong Healthy feet that move freely and comfortably and preferably without orthotics.

Gemma is a Level 2 Bare Foot Trainer and an avid supporter of Dr Emily Splichal – New York Podiatrist.

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