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Plantar Wart Removal (Verrucas)

Plantar Wart (or Verruca)
​A typical plantar wart or verruca.

A plantar wart, also known as a verruca, is caused by the Human Papillomavirus. They can be very painful, increase in size and can spread. Most people present with multiple plantar warts. Over the years warts have been tedious to treat.

Many Podiatrists and GPs use acid compounds and freezing techniques, some of which are painful and may result in multiple visits for ongoing treatment.

The Treatment of a Plantar Wart

At FITFEET we use a magical preparation called Cantharidin. It has been used for over 2,000 years in China for medical ailments and has been available to Podiatrists since 1960. It is derived from the blister beetle. Cantharidin is much safer than other preparations on the market and does not leave scar tissue like other preparations.

Cantharidin is usually applied once only. A small blister will appear 24 hours after application. After one week the wart is carefully and painlessly cutaway and voila, the wart is gone.

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